The Elementary Building, Administration Building and Middle/High School Buildings all three have a functioning RAPTOR Security System. During School hours, upon entering campus, you must check in at one of these three buildings. Please do not proceed to the playground, fields, or either gym or cafeteria without first checking in. To check in, you must have
 a valid government issued photo identification card. The card will be scanned and the system will run a sexual predator background check on all who enter. Once approved by the system, the Secretary will give you an ID sticker to wear while on campus. If you will be visiting more than just the building you enter, please notify the secretary so that she may complete your ID sticker appropriately. Please check out with a secretary in any of the buildings when leaving campus so that we can log you out of the system and show what time you left. We certainly do appreciate your cooperation and are thrilled at the positive feedback received thus far. As always, your children's safety is our #1 priority at Capitan Schools.